We are Radder.

Our goal at Radder is to create quality, durable fishing gear for women in fishing industries. We believe women shouldn’t have to settle for baggy men’s fishing gear just because “it fits”- so we’re creating our own gear, just for women. Gear that is Radder.

Our Story

Megan, our founder, has worked up in Alaska as a fish cutter at a fishing lodge for the past three summers. Often working 10-12 hour days on the dock, in often unpredictable weather, quality and durable fishing gear is essential.

However, she quickly became frustrated by the lack of quality women’s fishing gear on the market for her industry and found that countless other women had the same frustration. So, Radder was born in order to create gear that is quality, durable and made to fit women.

The name Radder was chosen because women need gear that is “Radder” than what already exists.

We are currently working to bring you a badass product. Keep checking back for updates.

Megan Bolt- Our Founder in Alaska where she works during the summer months as a fish cutter